Environmental policy of Equi'jewelry.

Equi'jewelry strives to be attentive to the health of the planet and that of the local communities. Equi'jewelry is regularly looking for environmental solutions that reduce our footprint on the planet.

In environmental matters, Equi'jewelry is committed to the following priorities:

·         Prevent soil and wastewater pollution

·         Manage and control water and energy consumption

·         Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

·         Filter the releases of smoke by the filtering systems of the Rejects.

·         Reduce, reuse or value the waste generated.

·         Use of packagings from recycled materials.

·         Efficient use of natural resources to minimise waste generation through various measures, such as recycling, innovation and pollution prevention

·         Preparedness for effective responsiveness in an emergency situation to minimize any environmental impact that may result from daily operations.

·         Use of innovations and new technologies to minimize emissions in the atmosphere and generated noise.

·         Promotion of effective environmental management by our suppliers and subcontractors.

·         Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.