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The order of products presented on the site Equi'jewelry is subject to the acceptance by the purchaser, and is valid acceptance without any reservation by the latter, of the entirety of the general conditions of sale set forth below. These general conditions of sale are imposed on the purchaser without regard for special clauses added by him-unless the express agreement of Ste Fournier.

The acceptance of the purchaser is materialized by the "validation click", as well as by the communication of its bank details for the purpose of payment of its order.
  This approach is equivalent to the buyer acknowledging that he has become fully aware and that he approves all of the following conditions.
 Failing to use the option of legal retraction, the purchaser is irrevocably hired by the purchase order after having approved it electronically, through the "Validation click".
In these circumstances, Fournier Eurl invites its customers who have logged on to its electronic remote sales shop to read carefully the following general terms and conditions of sale, before proceeding with any effective order of products appearing on this Catalogue.
Article 1: Purpose
The present general terms and conditions of sale are intended to clarify the purchaser's rights and obligations with respect to products sold in our electronic shop, in the context of distance selling. The contract established in the event of an effective order in the framework and under the conditions referred to in these general conditions of sale, falls under the regulation of the distance sale, as it results in particular from the consumer Code, as well as from Particular provisions referred to below.
Article 2: Condition of sale
2.1 Conditions for making an order
-You declare to be a natural person, at least 18 years of age and have the legal capacity or hold a parental authorization allowing you to make an order on the Site.
-You act for your personal needs
-You accept these general terms and conditions of sale without conditions
If one or more of these three conditions is not fulfilled, you are not allowed to use this site and place an order
2.2 Order
After you have placed your order, we send you an email confirming this one. We then take contact with you by phone. We then inform you of the sending of your products.
Your order will include an invoice addressed to you.
2.3 Acceptance of the Offer
Acceptance of the offer by the purchaser is concretized by the validation, in the context of the electronic catalogue, by a "validation click", of all the following information, some of which, indicated in bold, must be completed by Buyer (indication of bank details in particular).
Buyer's name
Delivery address (if different)
Confirmation of the order when the order is passed:
Product designation (with references)
Quantity Ordered
Terms of payment (credit card or cheque)
Terms of delivery
Eventually, after-sales service.
The order placed by the purchaser is the subject of a written confirmation from the seller, at the latest at the time of delivery.
Article 3: Time limit and modalities for withdrawal
Custom Items/objects do not fit into the device  "time to retract "
That is to say the goods that are "made according to the specifications of the consumer or clearly personalized ", according to the legal expression.
The purchaser has the effect of the law of a withdrawal period of 14 free days from the delivery and receipt of the product to the purchaser to return this product to the seller for Exchange or reimbursement, without penalty, except for the costs Sending and returning.
The exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be subject to the consignment to the seller, by the purchaser, of the product delivered and the certificate of purchase, as well as the bank details of the purchaser so that the seller may proceed with the refund if the purchaser opts for the Refund. Unless expressly stated by the purchaser, the bank details for the reimbursement shall be identical to those in the purchase order approved by the purchaser at the time of the original order, under the conditions referred to in article 2 above . The delivered product must be returned to the address which is Fournier Eurl 6, old Route de Beauvais 95300 Ennery, this after contacting the seller (0130383969, local call price), this address may differ according to the products concerned.
The costs resulting from this consignment in return are at the expense of the purchaser, being specified that the conditions of the consignment and the return must be identical and in its original packaging (in particular, return under recommended fold with declared value or Colissimo Follow-up with insurance covering the entire value of the object).
Once the purchaser has exercised his right of withdrawal within the time limit, the seller undertakes to reimburse him as soon as possible and no later than 30 days after the date on which that right was exercised all the sums paid , with the exception of the shipping and return charges referred to above, provided that the delivered product is returned to the seller in its original, intact packaging, which has not undergone any shock, scratching, or degradation, alteration or breakage found at the Reception of the Jewels.
Article 4: Payment
4.1 Possible payment modalities
You can make the payment by Visa/Mastercard credit card, by cheque, by bank transfer, by Paypal.
The information to make the payment (address, amount, order...) is indicated on the order confirmation pages and must be followed scrupulously for the order to be processed.
4.2 Denial of payment and cancellation of order
For security reasons, we reserve the right to refuse payments and cancel orders
-for cards issued by banks domiciled outside the European Union
-for cheques other than euro cheques drawn from a bank domiciled outside the European Union
-For transfers from banks domiciled outside the European Union
-For an unreferenced delivery address, in hotels or post office boxes
-If we cannot reach the person who placed the order
-For any doubt about the merits of the order or the financial transaction.
Article 5: Articles sold
The gold or silver jewellery offered on the website Equi'jewelry are in gold 750 thousandths for gold or 925 thousandths for the money guaranteed by the state punch. Not all photographs and texts, reproduced and illustrating the products presented, are contractual. The responsibility of the Ste Fournier Eurl managing the site, cannot be committed on this basis, in particular in case of typographical error, in the choice of a photograph, in the designation of an article or in the writing of a text.
Article 6: Liability
The Ste Fournier Eurl and the site Equi'jewelry cannot be held responsible for the breach of the contract in the event of a failure of stock or unavailability of the jewellery due to a case of force majeure, disturbance or total or partial strike, in particular of the services Postal and means of transport and/or communications.
The Ste Fournier Eurl and the site Equi'jewelry is required to deliver the parcels to the address indicated by the customer. If the customer wishes to change his address during the delivery, he must inform the Ste Fournier Eurl and the site Equi'jewelry beforehand to allow him to make the necessary arrangements. Otherwise, La Ste Fournier Eurl and the site Equi'jewelry will not be held responsible for the breach of the contract.
Article 6: Guarantee and after-sales service
Without prejudice to the legal guarantee against hidden defects referred to in article 1641 of the civil Code, the Purchaser shall, where appropriate, receive a commercial guarantee-the duration of which is indicated on the invoice delivered at the same time as the product ordered-from the Delivery against defects that may be present in the delivered product, subject to mention of this contractual guarantee in the shop of the site Equi'jewelry for the product concerned.
A guarantee card provided during the delivery of the ordered product specifies the terms and conditions attached to the implementation of this eventual contractual guarantee.
This implementation is subject to the buyer's compliance with the return to the seller of the duly completed warranty card and the use of the product under normal conditions of use, specified on the product or on a sheet accompanying its Delivery, in particular under the operating instructions and recommendations for use.
It is also subject to the buyer sending, at its own expense, the product delivered with a contractual guarantee, to the address to be indicated by contacting the SAV Service at 0130383969, accompanied by the original of the original invoice, of which The buyer will retain a copy. The conditions of the consignment and return must be identical (imperatively, return under registered letter with declared value or Colissimo followed with insurance covering the entire value of the object) in case the contractual guarantee is intended to Play, the seller undertakes, at his own expense and at the choice of the purchaser when it is possible, either to rehabilitate the delivered product or to exchange it if this reclamation is not reasonably possible, or finally to repay it.
If the purchaser opts for an exchange, the latter may only cover a product which is strictly identical to that initially ordered by the purchaser, unless the product concerned is no longer available on the date of the implementation of the contract guarantee, or Provisionally, either because of the disappearance of the product on the Equi'jewelry site shop. In this case, a product similar to the one originally delivered is addressed to the purchaser as soon as possible.
Article 7: Data Protection
In the absence of any express objection, the purchaser gives his consent to the use of the personal data collected under his order, under the customer file of the site Orlove, as well as to the dissemination of such data to third parties, under Contractual relationship between the purchaser and Ste Fournier.
In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms, the purchaser has at all times a right of access and rectification. In this case, he must address his request, at the address which is Fournier Eurl 6, old Route de Beauvais 95300 Ennery, this after contacting the seller (0130383969, local call price)
In the case of the information provided in respect of payment by credit card, the seller guarantees to the purchaser that they are not kept by him, at the end of the settlement of his order by the purchaser, except the amount thereof.
Article 8: Conditions for return of the goods

8.1 Situation which may result in return
Two situations may result in return for reimbursement of your product:
-Your 14-day right of withdrawal provided by law to return the items to us without having to justify any reason.
-In case of delivery of an item, not in accordance with your order or damaged during the transport
The return does not apply to products that have been engraved or personalized according to your request.

8.2 Conditions of Return acceptance
In both cases, for the return to be accepted:
-You must notify us by phone and strictly comply with the return process that we will communicate to you by telephone and/or e-mail;
-The products must be returned to us in their original packaging, complete (accessories, gloves, packaging, casket, leaflets...), in perfect condition and accompanied by the original purchase invoice. Incomplete, damaged, damaged or soiled products will in no way be taken
-Our experts must confirm to us that the product, in particular the Mount and the diamond (or diamonds) are perfectly in accordance with the product that has been sent to you, without modification, damage, or intervention of any kind.
-You must take charge of the return costs.

8.3 Terms of reimbursement
We will reimburse you within 30 days of the return of the products, net of any discounts, promotions, or vouchers that you would have enjoyed when ordering.

You will be reimbursed by bank cheque, bank transfer or credit card, at our option and only on behalf of the person who made the payment.

For information here is the link for any information about the law concerning the sale by Internet: